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“ Tameside & Glossop & Local Areas & National UK .

Talk  & Music ”

Programmes Planned

Thursday . 14Th February . 2013

1 Music Track & 1 Spoken Interview Track . At present there is some development support with programmes . So the shoutcast server is on via Loop with these Tracks

Thursday . 14Th February . 2013

Within the next day there is to be forwarded to shoutcast server 3 jingle tracks that have various wording themes .

N.B. The next Tameside Autism Group social club is on Thursday . 7Th March . 2013 . Its hoped that members attending would want to have a say on issues that affect their lives and for this to be made into a sound file recording to be transferred to shoutcast soundlist server . Members so far have made constructive comments & opinions .

If you wish to reach the Studio for any issues to do with sound files broadcasted or have any of your own ideas for future sound file programmes . Please forward a message via ONLINE FORM or call FREEPHONE STUDIO LINE . Thankyou !

New Project Innovation

13.02.13 Project Started

Studio Communications

Providing a Radio Sound Stream for Autistic Spectrum People & Family & Carers & Professionals within Tameside & Glossop & Local & National  UK  . With Talk’s & Music & Support Features .

Electronic Mail


0800 881 5186

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