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Tameside Autism Group was started around 10 years ago and with time and progression members have brought new capabilities to support others that have autistic spectrum issues .

This new project is designed to give a voice for autistic people that have a lot of constructive things to say and combined with this there is music tracks & events planned & numerous other support measures . At the moment this website is at development stage . Please reach studio E.Mail for additional information if wanted

At present there is ONLY Loop SoundTracks on file via the Shoutcast Server . These are talks with Richard Finch & Technical Support Helper . Gary .

The settings for performance are at 192Khz ( better than Compacy Disc quality ) and the Shoutcast Server can cope with up to 1000 Listeners .

Some basic Internet Radio Stream Jingles are being made & these would be positioned on Sounds Panel List soon . If you wish to find out any more please reach Technical  Support Helper Volunteer via Contact Details . Thankyou !

New Project Innovation

13.02.13 Project Started

Studio Communications

Providing a Radio Sound Stream for Autistic Spectrum People & Family & Carers & Professionals within Tameside & Glossop & Local & National  UK  . With Talk’s & Music & Support Features .

Electronic Mail


0800 881 5186

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